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Sampoll has re-imagined voice of the customer (VOC) feedback through unique pre/post purchase engagements. Reserve a spot in our invite-only community!

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What Success Looks Like with Sampoll

  • Consistent quality product feedback, and clear actionable insights enable continuous improvement.
  • Increase collective ROI by improving brand awareness, loyalty, and lifetime value (LTV) both in-store and online.
  • Optimize your purchase funnel with cross selling opportunities and product pairings.
  • Build a community, and keep your customers coming back for more with our engaging (AI powered) feedback experiences.
  • Turn your customers into brand ambassadors and drive word of mouth marketing.

What success looks like with Sampoll.

  • More consistent and quality product feedback, via innovative data collection processes.
  • Increase brand awareness and brand loyalty.

  • Optimize your purchase funnel with cross selling opportunities and product pairings.

  • Clear actionable insights that help you to improve performance at every engagement.

  • Facilitate product education with your customers and drive word of mouth marketing.

  • Increase conversion and LTV both in store and online.

  • Create an engaged community around your brand and products.

  • All data and insights is first party so you own it.

How We Do It

Intelligent Audience Targeting 

Our AI powered platform allows you to more effectively find, attract, and target your current audience or tap into ours.

Conversational AI Feedback Tools

Get the most out of your product sampling and post purchase engagements. Keep the conversation going and the community growing!

Real Time Actionable Insights

Analytics and insights dashboard tracks your campaign every step of the way with unprecedented depth and accuracy.

Remarketing and Cross Selling 

Delight and excite your community with direct purchase links, suggest relevant product pairings and personalized offers.

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